Youth Dirt Bikes Gear – What To Look For When Buying Tech 7s & Other Safety Features

youth dirt bike gear

Next in the list of necessities when choosing youth dirt bike gear is knee pads. Knee pads protect the area that is unprotected by the elbows. Again, without protection you will feel discomfort in the bingo wings as well as in the joints of your hands. Protecting the joints with elbow support and knee pads also gives added comfort to the biker’s arms. Arm protection is necessary especially if you will be doing competitions that involve throwing the dirt bike or jumping on and off the bikes.

Choose A Racing Suit

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When it comes to wearing a youth dirt bike gear, it is important to choose a racing suit that fits the kid comfortably. When the boys are racing each other, the boys’ racing suit must be loose fitting to allow comfort. A racing suit that is too tight or too baggy can hinder proper breathing and may cause blisters. Youth racing suits come in several fits and styles.

As far as the junior dirt bike riders go, there are two types of gear available for them. Motocross suits, which look more like the traditional motorcycle jacket and pants, and street motorcycle jackets, which resemble a mini motorcycle jacket but with stretch pants and hoods. The youth riders have the option to wear either motocross or street motocross jackets. Both styles protect and are comfortable for junior dirt bike riders.

Pair Of Goggles To Keep Their Eyes Safe

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Another item for the juniors is a good pair of goggles to keep their eyes safe at night. One great brand for this is Fox racing. The goggles fit perfectly and do not make a big hole in the wallet. This is also a good place to get the protective gear that most first time riders will need. For first time riders, a good helmet is recommended as they may have some hair caught in the helmet during an accident. The Fox racing dirt helmets junior has three-piece interchangeable mouthpieces that protect the face from hair, while keeping it clean and comfortable.

Good Pair Of Knee Pads

Along with the youth dirt bike gear needed for the rider, is a good pair of knee pads. Although it does not seem important now, the knees will develop bones as the years go on that will be very painful if they are not protected now. In addition to the knee pads, there is youth motocross boots that protect the ankle and help prevent sprains and bursitis. There are also youth dirt biking gloves that protect the hands.

Last Word

These are only a few pieces of youth dirt bike gear that should be bought. When purchasing these items parents should take into account the safety features of the gear. One example of a safety feature of this type is the addition of a mesh back pad. This adds an extra layer of comfort to the back of the child for hours of wear.

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