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smart gear balance bike

The Smart Gear Balance Bike offers an innovative new way to work out and get in shape. It is a piece of fitness equipment that allows the rider to exercise right from the comfort of their own home using their own bicycle. It allows the rider to build up the leg strength and core muscles by building muscle on the side, hips and buttocks. And it works the entire body, which is key to balancing and trimming and sculpting the body so a person looks and feels great!

The Smart Gear Balance Bike comes with a Smart Balanced Pedal System that offers many different workouts both stationary and when you take your bike out for real road workouts. Some of the workouts include the Easy Set, the Crunch, the Squat and the Hanging Leg Raise. There are also resistance levels to challenge the cardio-vascular system with the Hardgain, the Titanium, the Pro-MP and the Champ systems.

Smart Gear Balance Bike

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But that’s not all the workout power the bikes offer. They are also equipped with Smart Gear Rebounder that gives you the option to build back your pedal stroke during a workout, so you can burn more calories per minute. And the bikes are equipped with Smart Gear Stability Positioning sensors that helps you stay centered during a ride and reduces the possibility of falling while you are peddling. There is even a heart rate monitor built-in that will accurately measure your heart rate during your workout so you can stay in the ideal zone for optimal calorie burning performance.

If you need a smart solution to your fitness needs without breaking the bank then the Smart Gear Balance Bike may be just what you need. Many professional bike riding teams use these bikes and use them to train their athletes to stay in peak performance condition. This innovative fitness equipment has revolutionized bike riding for both professional and amateur riders alike and is now available at a more affordable price. The new line of bikes are available in two main categories: the Schwinn Airdyne bike and the Smart Gear Fun Bike.

Learn About Schwinn Airdyne Bike

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With the Schwinn Airdyne bike, you can enjoy faster workout periods thanks to its unique interactive workout programs that automatically adjust intensity based on your heart rate level without the need to manually adjust the settings. This helps you burn more calories during each workout without having to exert extra effort to get it done. And because it uses the same frame as the mountain bikes and road bikes, you can use it for any type of terrain without having to go through the hassle of purchasing another bike just to get into a particular riding position. The Smart Gear Fun Bike is perfect for those who love to go dirt bike riding, road biking or cross country skiing and with its lightweight frame, it’s easy to maneuver around obstacles and control its direction. This bike comes with both front and rear shocks and is designed with a larger front wheel for maximum stability.

For the professional riders, the Schwinn Airdyne bike allows for a complete circuit training workout that is simple and easy to manage thanks to its interactive workout programs. You can use this bike in both indoor and outdoor activities and thanks to its recumbent design, you can even adjust the seat for an optimum level of comfort and support. It comes with two-stage adjustable air shock technology and a cool-type high-tech suspension system for total bike control. The Smart Gear bikes are equipped with a variety of workout programs such as the Super Ride, the Omega adjuster, the Reebok Rebounder and the Stomp & Tone. Each program offers various levels of resistance, so you can always find a challenging workout without getting bored. The bikes also include a console with built-in workout charts and other statistics to help you monitor your performance.

The Airdyne bike by Schwinn has great treads for a comfortable ride. They also have recumbent style seats for easy and convenient adjustment of the tension to provide you with a comfortable ride even when you’re tired. The built-in workout programs let you challenge yourself with various levels of resistance so you can continue to challenge yourself even when you’re not biking. These bikes allow you to do a variety of workouts including interval training and other high intensity exercises, thus ensuring you get a complete cardio and strength workout.

Bottom Line

When looking for a bike you can use to supplement your fitness routine, it is best to choose one that uses both recumbent and upright models. Although both bikes offer similar features, an upright bike gives you more leg room when you are riding, and a recumbent bike offers more comfort and less stress on your back. If you need an all around workout bike that will accommodate all your workout needs, then the Schwinn Airdyne bike is perfect for you. However, if you are just looking for a good cardio machine, the Smart Gear Balance bike will suit you perfectly. You can easily find the right bike for your needs and get started on your fitness journey today.

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