Whats the Best Budget Mountain Bike

best budget mountain bike

Budget mountain bikes used to mean poor quality bikes that were cheaply made and offered by a company just to take your money. But those days are gone. Today’s best budget mountain bike is not so cheap because it’s made of inferior parts. It’s cheap because you can find it at a budget price and you can also find it at a very reasonable price with good service. But even today’s best budget mountain bike isn’t cheap because it’s made of high quality material. Discount prices on these kinds of bikes are no myth; they’re reality.

Used To Mean Low Quality

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Budget mountain bikes used to mean low quality and low-quality bike that were poorly constructed and shoddy. But those days are over. Now, even entry-level enthusiasts have access to a good selection of excellent bikes in the best budget price range, thanks to trickle-down economics and engineering trends. As economies of scale continue to grow and manufacturers trickle down on price, more people can afford to upgrade to better machines, and the best part is that their upgrade doesn’t compromise their bike’s integrity or performance.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when looking for a new mountain bike is its stance. Bikes with high profile tires tend to be heavier than others, meaning that riders will be weighed down by extra weight. However, some companies are capitalizing on this by producing high profile tires that actually weigh less than comparable treaded ones. The result is that trail bikers get a bike that’s lighter and easier to maneuver, while also getting superior traction.

Budget Hardtail

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But what if you want to ride off-road? If you do then you want a budget hardtail. Some of the best hardtail bikes come in Specialized and Nike models, with the former offering better geometry and suspension for all-out mountain biking adventures. The latter offers stiffer frame tubing for more efficient power transfer to the tires, which translates to faster acceleration and better agility. If you’re looking for a specialized rig that will out-distance most others on your trail, these bikes are for you.

Another factor to consider is riding style. Do you plan on doing lots of downhill, mud, or off-road stuff? Do you plan on targeting tight switchbacks or technical climbs? The difference between rigid mountain bike wheels and flexible ones is in the stiffness they provide. For instance, while a hardtail rigidly supports a much lighter frame, it’s also stiff enough to avoid bottoming out when going uphill.

Perfect Handling

The best budget mountain bikes have a perfect ride with perfect handling. You won’t be spinning like crazy or struggling to balance on your seat. When you take everything into account, it’s easy to figure out why so many people prefer them. A rigid mountain bike’s biggest advantage is its simpler design. You can also customize it by changing the front tire’s diameter and adding inserts to make your cassette longer and wider. If you’re new to mountain biking, you’ll find this easy to do and will soon be riding downhill like a pro.

Bottom Line

29-inch, 25.6-inch, and 21.5-inch tire sizes are very common for most serious riders. Some people even choose a 24-inch tire size. But you can always opt for a bigger tire if you want and it’ll look even better. Many new bikes offer great support for your back. Some of the higher-end models have been especially developed for back support, so it’s worth taking a look at the features.

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