Tips For Buying A Northrock XC 2700 Mountain Bike

northrock xc27 mountain bike

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer to buy the Northrock XC series. Indeed, it has everything that serious cyclists would look for in a full suspension bike. However, it is also different from other full suspension bikes in the sense that it does not use the conventional shocks. This allows it to perform better when climbing.

Conventional Bike Uses Spring Loaded Pedals

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When we say conventional, we mean that the conventional bike uses spring loaded pedals and a conventional shock absorber. When you apply pressure on the pedals, the springs absorb the force and provide assistance to keep your feet from slipping. This means that you can be more comfortable while riding even if you’re using heavier and stronger bikes. However, with the use of the conventional shock absorbers, it can cause damage to sensitive parts such as the drive train. This makes the bike less efficient.

As mentioned above, the new Northrock XC series uses a special system called Active Suspension. In fact, this new technology is derived from technology used on professional mountain bikes. Unlike the regular suspensions, this kind of suspension provides a lighter ride due to its lighter weight and use of lesser material.

On the other hand, the standard bikes may use full suspension. This is because it is more efficient in terms of delivering shock absorbing power. It’s not that it doesn’t have its share of drawbacks. A regular bike usually weighs a lot more than the XC series.

Bike Stores Suspension Energy

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The way the bike stores suspension energy makes it very efficient but it does make it a bit heavier. The bigger the bike and the more tires you have, the more you will have to carry the bike. This is where the lighter frame comes in handy. If you’re not too heavy, you can use regular tires and add air shock absorbers or you can choose to go with a softer model. But if you want to maximize your biking efficiency and minimize the bike’s weight, you should opt for a full suspension bike.

Riding Style

Another factor you need to consider when buying your bike is your riding style. You have the option of getting either a sport bike or a pure mountain bike. If you are into extreme sports, then you should definitely look into bikes with extreme levels of functionality and performance features. You will be able to maximize your performance while shredding down hills and crossing mountain trails in no time.

Yet another important factor to consider is the type of tires you will get. There are a few types of tires that you can get for your bike. You can choose between traditional performance tires and something more low profile. If you plan on doing a lot of off road racing with your Northrock XC 27, then you’ll definitely want to opt for the full suspension set up. These sport bike tires will give you the best of both worlds.

Summing Up

So now you know how to pick out the best mountain bike for yourself. Keep in mind that it is essential that you invest in a good pair of mountain bike shoes as well. You won’t get anyplace without them! The next thing is to make sure you buy your mountain bike from a trusted brand. Try to steer clear of lesser-known brands and look for the best prices available.

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