Thunder Mountain Bike Park Activities

thunder mountain bike park

Welcome to Thunder Mountain Bike Park, New England’s fastest growing biking park. Located in Bangor, Maine, this park offers a beginner trail system, featuring steep climbs and technical switchbacks for experienced cyclists and beginners alike. For the expert cyclist, there is an expansive loop of riding options including rock gardens, scenic trails, and an extensive biking facility complete with lots of space for multiple riders. This article includes some helpful guide and safety information for the novice and experts alike.

Follow The Basic Rules Of Thumb

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If you are just starting out with your downhill mountain biking adventures, you will want to follow the basic rules of thumb when riding at thunder mountain bike park: Wear a helmet! You wouldn’t ride without one, so don’t risk it by being unprepared. It’s also important to wear appropriate clothing, like trail running shoes, mountain biking pants, and shirts that have lots of ventilation. These items will keep you cool, whether it’s hot or rainy outdoors. Sunglasses are also a must-have. Don’t forget your sunglasses when riding in areas with strong sunshine, as it may cause damage to your eyes.

Offer Multiple Levels Of Uphill And Downhill

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Although most trails offer multiple levels of uphill and downhill tracks, Thunder Mountain Bike Park still has a few steepest trails for the experienced rider. At this park, riders will find that most of the trails start out as pavement and then take a hard right turn to make their way to the second level. Because of the popularity of this park, many additional trails have been added to the mix. Out of all of these trails, the easiest ones to ride are the Green Path and Black Canyon paths, which are both about two miles long.

Green Path is located near the parking lot of the thunder mountain bike park, and is a great introduction into the forested terrain found in Thunder Mountain National Forests. Starting from the parking lot, riders can head south for about one mile and then continue on to the second level of the forest. Black Canyon is about three miles long and provides great views of the mountain and surrounding forest. Black Canyon features a beginner’s trail that heads south towards the parking lot, and another that go east towards Lake Tahawus. The last easy climb up to Thunder Mountain summit leads riders back to the forest and trail.

Plan To Bring A Day Or Two Of Skis

After visiting the parks, riders should plan to bring a day or two of skis to access the snowmobile trails in the west side of the park. Snowmobiles are available to rent at the park, and are very popular among skiers. To get to the trails outside of the snowmobile campground, riders should take a hike or snowmobile ride into the forest. Covered picnic tables and bathrooms are also found in the park’s west side. In addition, there are free map and compass sites where riders can find their way around the parks. A very nice feature found at the thunder mountain bike park, is a snack bar with restrooms.

Most of the riding in the thunder mountain bike park is on graded terrain, and many riders find themselves pushing themselves a little further each time they venture out on their bikes. With a variety of riding styles and ages, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this family-friendly park. Families may find that they want to go back to the park after their day of skiing or snowboarding and spend some time here on their bikes. With easy access to the trails found outside of the ski area, riders should have no problem finding a peaceful place to relax after a day on the slopes.

Bottom Line

For those who have never gone on a white water rafting trip, you may want to consider bringing a partner or two along. The exhilaration provided by the rapids provided at the thunder mountain bike park makes it well worth the effort of trying to take on the challenge on your own. The rides also serve as a great way to meet others who share the same enthusiasm for the sport as you. No matter what your physical capabilities, you will find that there is plenty to do and see at this Colorado mountain coaster.

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