The Pros And Cons Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

What is it about Full Suspension Mountain Bikes that makes so many people drool about them? The simple fact of the matter is that Full Suspension Mountain Bikes does a great job of getting the right kind of riding power for your style of riding and the terrain you’re after. They are easy to ride on, quick to accelerate and they give you the right amount of suspension travel and rebound you need for any terrain. So what makes them so good? Here we’ll look at some of the benefits of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and whether or not you should be looking out for one.

It all depends on what you want from your mountain bike. If you’re looking for maximum stiffness and comfort then there is nothing better than Full Suspension mountain bikes. These bikes offer a stiffer and more rigid ride thanks to the greater spring rate and the lower tire pressure. This means you get a smoother ride and a more comfortable ride as well thanks to the extra damping functions built into the bike’s suspension system. There is also more compression damping and rebound damping than normal in these bikes.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Differences

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The difference between regular bikes and Full Suspension Mountain Bikes is in the way the bike is set up. Mountain bikes tend to have their suspension closer to the wheels to regular bikes tend to have it much further back. This is because regular bikes just don’t have the ability to offer as much stiffness as a Full Suspension bike does. However, once you’ve ridden a Full Suspension bike you will quickly realize how much more comfortable and stable they are.

When you are considering a Full Suspension bike, be sure to take a few things into consideration. First of all check to see if it offers the true full suspension bike experience. This is where everything from the springs, the shocks and even the hydraulic brake system will come into play. The last thing you want is something that feels unstable to you when riding. With a Full Suspension bike your bike will feel more solid and have that sense of weightlessness and acceleration that only a true bike can give.

Benefits Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of having this type of bike you must first understand what they are. The most notable difference between a Regular bike and a Full Suspension Mountain Bike is the amount of “dampening” in the suspension. A Normal bike has all of the suspension components in the frame of the bike working with the forks and tires. This means that any bumps and irregularities in those parts of the bike will cancel out the effectiveness of the suspension. Once you have ridden one of these bikes in the past, you will notice how much more control you have while riding on a Full Suspension bike.

When deciding upon a Full Suspension bike you should keep several important points in mind. First of all decide what level of hardness you are looking for in your bike. If you’re looking for a bike that is very forgiving and easy to ride then you’ll want to look for a Full Suspension bike. If you’re a beginner and just want a bike that has good stopping power and doesn’t take too much effort to master, then a Regular bike may be better suited for you. Also keep in mind that many people prefer a Full Suspension bike because of their weight and they way they feel while riding. These bikes feel like they are making a great deal of “winding”.

Types Of Suspension Mountain Bikes

There are many different types of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes available on the market today. You can choose from different technologies, like Dura-Tred, Foxfire, and Geometrix. Some of these bikes feature internal and external suspension on the front wheel, some use air shock for braking, and others still use standard non-sprung tires. Some of the better full suspension bikes are equipped with a computer generated map of the terrain that can be preloaded into your bike’s computer.


While there are some drawbacks to this technology, especially if you’re going higher than say thirty miles an hour, it can still be worth it if you like the idea of being able to go faster and farther. If you’re not sure which bike is right for you, then ask around, read some reviews, and take it slow. Remember, you’re trying to buy a bike that will give you the most fun, and not just some piece of equipment to impress your friends! Go out and try a bike today and you’ll soon know if Full Suspension Mountain Bikes is right for you. Good luck, and may the bike make you fall in love with you!

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