The Best Bike Gear Shifters

bike gear shifters

A bike gear shifter or gears control or gears levers is an integral part used to adjust the chosen gear ratio and select the ride’s right gear. In most cases, they work either an internal hub or a derailleur gear mechanism.

Types Of Bike Gear Shifters: Bike Gear Shifters

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What are the best types of bike gear shifters? A good number of them are available on the market in various models and price ranges. A couple of important aspects that you should keep in mind while choosing one are size and weight. The larger the shift lever, the higher the torque it can exert on the bike. As far as weight is concerned, lighter shifters have more power, while heavier ones have lower torque.

Type Of Mechanism: Bike Gear Shifters

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The other important aspect is the type of mechanism to be installed. The derailleurs use a chain guide to guide the chain. Meanwhile, the hub gears use a chain tensioner. Some models offer more than one type of mechanism.

The on-off switch is also an important feature. Some shifters allow only one mode to be engaged at a time. Others allow switching to either the forward or reverse mode. Buttons or levers may operate these on-off switches.

Features: Bike Gear Shifters

Many other features may be added to the shifters to allow multiple gear shifts and more control over the speed, which will be automatically adjusted for the individual rider. Some of these features are Automatic braking, throttle sensitivity, incline, and gear indicators.

You can find all the right kinds of shifts in stores and dealerships. However, it is always better to shop around before making a final purchase. Compare the prices, make sure the bike gear shifters you are planning to buy are compatible with your model and ask if there are any after-sales service and support services available.

Certain brands offer after-sale service to give the users the assistance they need. Such after-sale service providers may include replacing damaged parts or adjusting and lubricating gears and gears.

After-Sales Service

After-sales service will also include fixing or repairing any faults on your bike, replacing broken parts of the bike, cleaning, polishing the gears and frame, etc. Many of the after-sales service providers also offer a replacement or repair parts for bikes that have been stolen or vandalized.

Most good online dealers offer warranty protection. But before taking up the after-sales service of the bike shifters, you must first make sure that the dealer is reliable and offers good after-sales service.

Check From Free Shipping And Installation

In addition to the above, you should also check whether the bike gear shifters come with free shipping and free installation. This will help you save money. It is always recommended to take up after-sales service only when the bike gears have been used extensively.

Some of the most commonly available bike shifters are Shimano, Trek, Fox, SRAM, Giant, Kalk, Shimano, Schwinn, and Fuji. The best part of most of the bike gear shifters is their affordable price tags. However, the more sophisticated models like those of Honda, Polaris, and Kawasaki are expensive.

The after-sales service is a good choice because it provides a warranty against damage or defect. You can also opt for other warranty options such as spare parts replacement, after-sale service, free shipping, free tune-ups, and other additional discounts. In case you want to sell your bike, you can ask the dealer to provide you with a good price for the bike.

Final Words

Before making a final choice, you should also check the price, installation options, and warranty options of each after-sales service provider. The after-sales service option is something worth considering before buying anything.

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