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Before getting on a motorbike, it is important that you cover yourself well to protect  your body in case of any accidents. Motorbike protective gear comes in many forms and types, and you must have the basic gear in each type. Here is a list of the essential gear you must own.


Bike gear

Of all the safety gears, helmets are most important. These protect your head in case of any falls. You get full-face helmets, flip-up helmets, 3/4th face helmet and ½ face helmets. A full-face helmet gives protection to your head and covers your whole head well. Many times, you get a visor in many colors and tints that can be lifted up to get some fresh air. The flip-up helmets come with a large opening that can be flipped-up from the front. These helmets lift up with a touch of a button. These are similar to full-face helmets, but they also have a visor. A 3/4th face helmet protects your head, but does not offer complete protection. Such helmets also have poor wind or dirt protection. A half-face helmet is the least favorable helmet type as it covers only the top of the head.


Bike gear

A riding jacket is the second-most essential riding gear. These protect the upper body, shoulders, elbows, back and the chest. You get a full all-weather jacket that offers complete protection to your upper body. Sometimes, a full all-weather jacket comes with detachable layers that can be detached in case of cold temperatures. These are made of synthetic materials and come with silicon protectors. Another kind of jacket is the conventional riding jacket that is quite similar to the all-weather jacket, but it does not provide weather protection. These are also made of leather or synthetic materials.

Body Armor

Seasoned bike riders also possess a body armour. It is a body suit that protects the body from any scratches, but gives no weather protection. It is made from a mesh-like material and one can wear normal clothes over it. 

Riding Pants

Riding pants are one of the most ignored bike gear. Most riders wear jeans for motorbike riding, but riding pants offer flexibility and movement. These can be worn as a second layer over your existing pants. These can be matched with riding jackets and are sometimes available as a set. They offer knee and shin protection.


Riding boots are not the same as trekking boots. These are quite different and designed for motorcycle riding only. These come with a metal boot tip and have a dedicated protection on the left side to enable changing the bike gears. 


Riding gloves are the second most important riding gear after helmets. They protect your hands in case of an accident and give additional protection to fingers, palm and knuckles. These can be made of different fabrics and materials. Some of these give weather protection also.

These are some of the best motorbike protective gear list.

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