Specialized Bicycle Accessories You Did Not Know About Before

Specialized Bicycle Accessories

Specialized bicycle accessories are the particular equipment and stuff to fix your bicycle’s minor problems or redesign them as per your liking. It is helpful to you when you do not want to go to a shop to repair small fixes on your cycle. There are plenty of cycle kits, cycling spares, and specialized bicycle accessories options available for you. These accessories are readily available online, and you can check your nearest retailer—popular brands of Specialized bicycle accessories like BSA, Hero, Kross, specialized, and more.

5 Specialized Bicycle Accessories For Safety

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S-Wrap Roubaix Bar Tape

These Specialized biCycle accessories usually have a suede finish, and the EVA foam damps vibrations that will protect you from slipping. The tape’s material offers a smooth, clean finish and often easier installation with enough tape included to wrap one bar. Few features you should look at on your Bar Tape are:

Elastomer gel backing for additional comfort

Easy-stretch tape with feathered edges for a smooth wrap

Led Light Horn LED Spot Light

This is a crucial specialized bicycle accessory for safety. Look for ABS material that is durable and lightweight. Bright white LEDs with luminous intensity up to 150LM is the best option. It should have a high decibel electronic horn. This specialized bicycle accessory must be portable for outdoor cycling.

Bike Lock Anti-Theft

These specialized bicycle accessories are a low investment, high protection gear. Choose Steel Strong Wire Coil Cable for your bicycle.

Night Drive Cycling Goggles

It would be best if you do not think twice to buy this specialized bicycle accessory. Always use the best quality material of glass and choose that is comfortable to your eyes.


High-quality gloves can increase wear resistance to prevent skidding. It is suitable for outdoor sport. While selecting these specialized bicycle accessories, choose Breathable and soft material Great for multi activities like tactical, airsoft, paintball, hiking, hunting, motorcycle, cycling, riding, etc.

4 Specialized Bicycle Accessories For Safety

Rib Bottle Cage

Rib bottle cages have a dual function of tool integration and storage. For these Specialized bicycle accessories, look for a Super-low bottle position that will improve the aerodynamic profile. Other features you should look at are:

Tuned type of compression design to ensure firm bottle retention.

Reinforced composite material which is light in weight and durable

Sleek with minimalist designs are always best

Bicycle USB LED Tail Light

Tail USB charging bicycle light for safety at night riding to protect you from other vehicles and let you see clearly on roads, Compliment your Front light with a tail light just as impressive. These specialized bike accessories mainly feature 100 lumens output, daytime visibility, different lighting, etc.

Strauss Adjustable 4 Side Bicycle Phone Holder

This is probably the coolest specialized bicycle accessory.

Now your phone can hit the road when you do to provide you with music and GPS directions. You also don’t have to divert your focus from the road to look into the phone. There are options to hold cell phones horizontally or vertically for easy viewing. Try to select the specialized bicycle accessory. The holder has a Padded back and grips that will absorb shocks and protect against scratches.


An investment in a speedometer allows you to know the following things: – Current Speed, Odometer, Trip Distance, Max/Avg Speed. This specialized bicycle is crucial to keep you track of time.


Specialized bicycle accessories are such stuff that you probably didn’t know. Specialized bicycle accessories will not only make your bicycle look cool on the next ride but ensures the safety and additional security for you and your bicycle. Don’t forget to consider the guidelines mentioned above for buying your next, specialized bicycle accessories.

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