Some Common Types of Street Bike for Sale

street bike for sale

Hundreds of companies make them, and there are nearly too many different types to count, but each one is built to do one thing well. On the other hand, motorcycles may excite the soul – and take you on journeys you will never forget. The numerous sorts of bikes out there can be confusing if you are new to the two-wheeled world or thinking about getting into it. It can be helpful to grasp the differences between sport and sport-touring and what distinguishes a café racer street bike for sale from a scrambler, and how the phrase “naked” can take on a whole new meaning in various situations.

Standard Motorcycles

The most prevalent types of motorcycles on the road are standard motorcycles. Their popularity stems from their user-friendly ergonomics. The semi-forward-set footpegs and upright riding position prevent the rider from riding with outstretched legs or cramping arms, as on other bikes.

You’ll also hear the term sports standard,’ which refers to a standard-type motorbike that has been upgraded in terms of power or handling.

Café Racer and Scrambler Motorcycles

Café racers and scramblers can also be classified as “standard.” Café racers have a more aggressive, forward-leaning seating posture, while scramblers resemble dirt bikes, yet both are modified standard bikes at their heart.

Café racers might be thought of as a cross between a hot rod and an old-school road bike with a healthy dose of racing flair. Scramblers go the other way and adopt an off-road attitude — they’re still recognisably a motorbike, but with more extended suspension travel, spoke wheels, and dirt bike-style handlebars, they exude a dirt-loving attitude.

Adventure Bikes

Motorcycles designed for adventure touring (also known as “ADV”) are most capable of both on- and off-road riding. They’re equally at ease on the freeway as they are on a fire trail. The long-travel suspension, tall seat, and tall handlebar position are ideal for all-day comfort as well as standing up in the saddle for improved control on bumpy roads.

Some current ADVs have added cruiser-style creature amenities for longer rides; heated grips and seats, radios, and GPS systems all come in handy when you want to explore how far your bike can travel.

Sport Bikes

Sport motorcycles (also known as “sportbikes” or “sportbikes”) are purpose-built street bike for sale that are designed with speed, agility, and cornering in mind from the first concept drawing. Sport motorcycles have higher seats, lower handlebars, and rear-set footpegs, making them the most aggressive bikes to leave the factory. Sportbikes can have any size or configuration of the engine, but the central concept is to bring technology, research, and development from the racetrack to the street.


Street bike for sale are meant to transport you as far and as quickly as your legs can carry you on paved roads. The road bike takes its name from the type of terrain it is meant for: the road. Bicycles designed for cycling on roads are known as street bikes for sale.

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