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mountain bicycle accessories

Cannondale is in the lead of today’s mountain biking industry for quite a long, and the synonymous title of “world-class” bike brand is now a synonym to accolade-worthy World Tour Teams and high-quality bikes. One of their secrets to Cannondale’s long-lasting success is designing and building good bikes in all price brackets, for all kinds of riders and usage purposes. They also have a pervasive product line that is customizable according to individual preferences.

High-Performance Bikes

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Cannondale bicycles are world-renowned for high-performance, value for money mountain bikes that are both capable of climbing steep mountains and coasting tracks and smooth as silk off the road. Their broad product range is aimed at each end of cycling enthusiast’s preference. You can customize these bikes according to your budget and specifications. All their products have the same quality standards and craftsmanship since the company’s birth in 1878.

Threelac Models

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Among their first bike models was the Threelac, which was later followed by the Threelac Cross-Continental, Threelac Advanced, Threelac Classic, and the Threelac Dame. These have evolved further to become world-class performance bikes that are still sought after by professional cyclists today. A Cannondale bike is not complete without a topstone model. The topstone model is an example of where Cannondale’s innovation has met up with reality and gone one step further; the company developed the first disc brake system on a bike.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Brakes

The Cannondale synapse carbon disc brakes are fitted onto the existing levers seen on any of Cannondale’s road bikes. With Cannondale’s technology, the top stone was constructed much lighter than the standard Ultego lever, which was found to be very tricky to install due to its heavy-duty size. Thanks to Cannondale’s innovation, Ultego was able to take its place.

Wheel Sensor

When it comes to touring bikes, the Cannondale Threelac is equipped with a wheel sensor. This is what helps you maintain a proper balance while you pedal. Unlike other bikes with a single wheel, the Threelac had two large wheels, aiding in better stability. The Ultego, on the other hand, has no such means to regulate its resistance, leading to a lot of inconvenience for the riders. So if you plan on going on a long ride and need a reliable means of monitoring your speed, the Ultego would be more ideal. If you want to go mountain biking, though, you’ll prefer the Cannondale Threelac and its new carbon fiber wheels.

Mountain Biking And Touring

When it comes to mountain biking and touring, it’s all about convenience and ease. These two are the main reasons why many cyclists have shifted to using Cannondale bikes, including those in the pro league. Some of them have gone so far as to purchase their own Cannondale mountain bikes, so they don’t have to depend on someone else’s bike, while others prefer the style and performance of these two types of bikes.

Want A Dirt Or Mud Bike?

For a few years now, Cannondale has supplied frames and components for other renowned cycling brands, making them quite reliable. The most common features that are being used by Cannondale mountain bikes are the FSA / Giant FSA groupset, Ultegra brakes, and Cannondale seat stays. If you want a dirt or mud bike, then the Cannondale Road Bike range is also worth considering. Although these bicycles do not usually come with mud flaps, you could get these flaps separately. Cannondale does make a range of mountain bikes with specialized components designed for speed and climbing and road biking.

In Conclusion

Cannondale does not usually put a lot of thought into their bike design. They tend to go with what they know and love. This means that most of their mountain bikes come with standard wheel size, and it doesn’t usually change unless you upgrade to a longer top tube or add a lefty to the pedal system. Other than this, you should be able to ride a standard Cannondale bike on most terrain. Their biggest mistake seems not to produce a motorcycle suited for off-road riding, which they do with their ATV bikes.

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