Selecting the Best Mountain Bike Seat

mountain bike seat

Mountain bikes are very light bikes with narrow tires. They use front and rear chains along with a single chainring, and they can be equipped with several gears. Because of this, it is quite easy to get the perfect fitting for a mountain bike seat when you shop for a new one. It helps if you take some measurements of your bike or your existing seat so that you know exactly what size to order. The following are some tips for getting the best fit on your mountain bike seat.

Mountain Bike Seat

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The first thing to consider is the distance from the ground to the top of the seat post. This varies depending on the type of mountain bike seat. Generally, a steep mountain bike seat post will reach far lower than a flat seat post. In this case, the distance from the ground to the top of the seat post is critical, as it will determine how comfortable it is to sit on. Therefore, generally speaking, the taller your bike’s seat post, the more uncomfortable it will be to sit on, as there is more of a distance between the ground and the top of the seat post.

Another consideration is the length of the leg rest. Consider your weight and what you will be using the legs for when you buy a new mountain bike seat. The longer the legs rest, the better. You want as much comfort as possible, as long as you aren’t compromising the safety of your kids. A five-foot seat is ideal for regular riding, but if you frequently go off-road or on dirt trails, a six-foot or seven-foot seat would be better. This is especially important if you routinely take your children (with their bikes) out onto different kinds of trails.

Things To Consider

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Seat height is another important consideration when buying a mountain bike seat. You are not limited to choosing a saddle that is at or below your knee level. You can choose a saddle that is up at the hip. This adds more support, which in turn will improve your balance and stability while riding. It will also help you prevent lower back problems during extended rides.

Don’t forget to check the price: specialized saddles often cost more than regular saddles. Check prices online, or ask friends who like mountain bikes for recommendations. The best mountain bike seats and saddles are made by leading companies such as Specialized, Schwinn, and Giant, so make sure to check those brands first.

Check the padding. The majority of seats are going to have some type of padding, whether it’s foam gel or fabric. It’s important to think about the amount of padding in your bike seat. If you anticipate lots of walking or riding off the trails, you’ll want extra padding.

The most important feature in a seat is adjustability. Most people will need to adjust the height of their seats to adjust to different bikes and different riding surfaces. If you select a seat that has no adjustment, your hips will always be pointed toward the ground. If you want to keep your hips where you want them, get a mountain bike with adjustable seats.

Bottom Line

Finally, check the rails. Mountain bikes generally have rails that allow for custom-fit padding. These are a great feature to look for because they will decrease pressure on your back, stomach, and hips while riding, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you get a seat that has no seat rail, your buttocks and hips will hit the ground every time you take a step.

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