Police Bike Accessories- 5 Items Not To Miss Out

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The use of bicycles by the police is very common in countries like Canada and the US. The officials often use this environment-friendly transport for tasks like patrolling. Though their bikes have not different from the ordinary ones in terms of manufacturing, adding some necessary police bicycle accessories is mandatory.

They will not only make the ride comfortable but also safe on tough terrain and weather. Bicycle manufacturers have come up with innovative products and gears for police bikes in the past few years. Here is a list of all those necessary accessories, have a look.

5 Important Police Bicycle Accessories

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Police Bike Patrol Lights

The flashlight is must-have gear for cops during patrolling, but the problem arises in carrying it comfortably. Attaching the flashlight on duty felt or helmet can be tricky. Holster lights come in handy to solve this problem.

They fit in front of the bike’s fork and provide visibility during the night. These full-size lights have LED; thus, their shelf life is good.

Bicycle Siren

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Another important gear is a siren to catch the attention of those in the vicinity. The high-quality siren comes with a rechargeable battery so that it doesn’t stop working in the nick of time. They are also water-resistant, durable, and can be attached easily to the handlebar.

Some siren comes with a dual-tone feature with an on/off button. And one can hear it from a few distances due to its high frequency (128 dB) sound. However, the sound at this level can cause damage to ears when used very close to someone’s ear.

Hand gloves With LEDs

Hand gloves are essential during winters, but police might need extra coverage to protect their hands and maintain vision as well. These hand gloves with LED lights in-built are perfect. They are made with polyester materials and easily fit into one’s hand.

The incredible features of some available running glove with LEDs include:

  • The first finger has a touch screen tip for easy access to the smartphone
  • Thumbs with a Nose wipe
  • LED with different strobe mode

A Toolkit

Among all the above police bike accessories, a tool kit with all essential bicycle tools is unavoidable. You never know when the tire gets burst, or the chain gets de-rail. And just like you keep a set of all tools in your car, get one for your bike as well.

Your tool kit should include:

  • Chain pin press
  • Nut wrench
  • Pedal wrench
  • Rotor truing tool
  • Fixed 3-way hex

Many more tools are there, so make sure the tool kit has all that you may need. Also, look for a tool case that is not big and fits easily on a bike.

Mini Bike Pump

A bike pump that you can carry along is again a necessary tool. However, this does not come with a tool kit, so you have to buy it separately. Don’t look for the regular ones; a mini pump is equally good and pressures up the tires fast.

Get all these five essential accessories for a police bike and enhance your experience without compromising safety.

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