Mountain Bike Gear Shifter For Travellers or Mountaineers

A bicycle parked on the side of a mountain

Do you know the concept of mountain bike gear shifter? And want to learn every detail about it? The concept of a mountain bike gear shifter can be tricky, and it seems to be easier to not touch those gears. But it won’t go far if you don’t want to use those gears. Bikes have gears. Therefore, you can easily pedal, having no concept of the terrain, filling your rides with more fun. Thus, we put together a helpful guide incorporating everything that you are required to learn about mountain bike gear shifters.

How To Do Shifting?

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

1. To shift into another gear up front, use a left shifter.

2. To shift rear gear, use the right shifter.

3. For smooth shifting, lightly pedal while using the shifter. Don’t pedal backwards.

4. If you are pedalling fast, and there is not much resistance, shift the gear into a harder one, and you’ll go faster.

5. If you are pedalling slowly & hard to turn the pedals, immediately shift your gear into an easier one. It’s good to ride more efficiently.

6. “It’s easier to move the chain close to the bike; it makes you faster if you move the chain away”.

7. Finally, practice makes you perfect. Play around with shifting, and look what it feels like when you ride in different gears.

Know Your Shifters: Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

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The shifter of the left hand changes the gears from the front, and the shifter present on the right side control gears in the back. And if you feel confused on the fly, do remember this redolent device: “right equals rear. “

For the bikes that have one front chainring, you’ll only have a right-hand shifter unless you built your bike to get shifted on the left for the rear.

Various shifter brands function slightly different, but all shifters are quite spontaneous.

During purchasing time, consult from your bike shop on bike pedals, working, pushing your shifters to have a sense of their functioning.

Play With Gears: Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

Primarily geared bikes contain one, two, or three chainrings in the front and seven to twelve gears in the back.

When you move the chain from the smallest rear cog to the largest one, it will simplify your pedalling efforts incrementally.

Rotating it between the chainrings from the front results in more observing change – pedalling goes simple in a small chainring and tough in a big one.

The perfect way to test your mountain bike gear shifters is to take your bike onto a safe area away from a crowd or traffic, such as an empty parking lot, and shift through all the gears in front & rear to make yourself understand the feeling of riding.

Cyclists spend their time shifting the gears to see their cadence sweet spot.

Conclusion On Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

In all, a Mountain bike gear shifter is helpful to you if you love cycling. Next time if you go on mountains, keep all the basics in your mind.

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