Maintain The 24 Inch Mountain Bike In The Right Manner Possible With These Strategies

24 inch mountain bike

In today’s age of technology, children are busy with their phones and laptops. There is no room for any physical exercise. Parents should push their kids to do some outdoor activities. Talking about physical activities Mountain biking is one of the activities which most kids enjoy. Agreed mountain biking is a good outdoor activity for kids but is it safe? To answer this question some research has to be done.

24-Inch Mountain Bike

A man riding a bicycle on a rock

One of the important tasks while selecting a mountain bike is to select the right size for your child. There are a lot of sizes in which mountain bikes are available. The size of the bike depends on the age and height of the child. If your child’s height is around 50-58 inches and its age is between 8-11 years a 24-inch Mountain Bike is perfect for your kid. There are a ton of mountain bike options available in the market. Right from Indian to international brands all kinds of mountain bikes are available.


A man riding on the back of a bicycle

Woom bikes one of the most popular brands for kids bikes have recently come up with their new range of kids mountain bikes called Woom off and off-air. This bike range has the best beginning and intermediate mountain bikes. Its 24-inch mountain bike is available with rigid front fork ( woom off) or a front suspension fork ( woom off air). This lightweight ride is suitable for any young Mountain bike rider. Whether your child is just getting started on flowy trails or ready to tackle more challenging terrain the woom offs lightweight keeps kids from getting tired easily. It also allows them to climb hills easily. A bike like this with such features will make sure that your child is safe.

Mountain bikes are usually expensive. So how can a person find a decent mountain bike in his budget? Here are some of the things that you should look for in a mountain bike that will come under your budget.

Derailleur Hanger

It is the most important indicator of a mountain bike. It is designed in such a way that during a crash it prevents damage to the frame later it can be realigned inexpensively.

Threadless Stem

It can be identified by the pinch bolts on the handlebars. A threadless stem is not only easier and less costly to service but it’s also more rigid. This is not something you want to compromise on.

Quick Release Levers

Make sure the wheels have quick-release levers. They are an indicator of the bike’s intended use. Mountain bikes with nuts on the axles are nearly impossible to upgrade the wheels and wheels are some of the things that you will outgrow as you gain experience.


Some small tips that parents should keep in mind while buying a mountain bike are:- try to buy a bike with 7-9 gears not more than that, Look for future-proof design, beware of flashy trinkets and lastly, look at the suspension quality and not quantity. People often opt for second-hand bikes for their children as far as it’s in good condition. The main motive of mountain biking is that your child indulges in the sport, enjoys it, and is safe.

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