Legend Of Specialized Mountain Bike

Specialized mountain bike came about in 1974, and is a bike company that has been producing mountain bikes ever since and is one of the most sought after bicycle brands; this bike company makes bikes throughout the price spectrum. It is a US company though, and a few things you should know about this brand of bike makers are:

  1. Five-year warranty on a new purchase.
  2. Two-year warranty on second-hand buy

These are general pointers, and now we will look into a few special mountain bikes just for women.

Legend Of Specialized Mountain Bike
Legend Of Specialized Mountain Bike

Women’s Pitch Bike – Specialized Mountain Bike

The first specialized mountain bike of the brand, which is only for women, is the women’s pitch bike. These specialized mountain bikes are an excellent bike for when you want to break free of the rut and zip around the town.

It is an excellent bike to have when you want to pedal around the town for a bit of freedom, it is very light because it is made up of aluminum, you’ll feel confident that this bike would not make you bump into a tree or over a pothole because the suspension is that good, it is suitable for all terrains, and you can take this bike on a mountain because essentially, it is a mountain bike.

It is durable and it is versatile for both the climb and the decent.

Rockhopper Comp For Women 

You’ll find this specialized mountain bike in many feminine colors, and this is also one versatile bike which you can take to the mountains because it has a good focus on ascent and descent and since it is also a pretty lightweight bike, and it has many gears so that you know the right gear for the right speed.

Specialized Mountain Bike Chisel Comp

This is a racing bike, it is stiff, and you can easily find the right balance on it, and you would not stumble and fall. You’ll get excellent performance with this bike, and it is super light, which also happens to be the common factor among all the specialized mountain bikes. The gears are crisp, and you’ll soon get the hang of pedaling around on this beauty. Made for the mountains, you can also pedal around in the dirt on this bike, it is suitable for all terrains.

Chisel Frame 

You get two colors in this specialized mountain bike in black. It has an excellent frame construction, and you would not have to get hassled with its maintenance because it is easy to maintain and very sturdy because of its frame, and you can also handle the bike confidently because of this reason.

Legend Of Specialized Mountain Bike
Legend Of Specialized Mountain Bike


Since 1974, the company has been making specialized mountain bikes for both men and women. There is no brand story, just excellent bikes, which have been appreciated by buyers and critics alike.

The research and development of bike makers are par excellence. Every component of the bike is also separately sold by the bike makers, whether it is the carbon seat post or the chain. The fabulous part of this machine maker is that all bikes are single bolt design, and the prices are very accessible at around $5000, some of the bikes are entirely hand-built. The central concept behind these mean machines is the superlative designs and high acceleration, that’s what shows, and that’s what sells at specialized mountain bikes.

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