Know About Latest Bicycle Accessories

latest bicycle accessories

In recent times, metros across India have seen considerable growth in several companies dealing in bicycle accessories, especially with the latest technology. This has meant a wide choice of highly priced but perfectly viable accessories are now available in the marketplace today. So, arm yourself with your bike and head off to your favorite local retailer to pick up the most suitable accessories for your bike! Your journey doesn’t have to be any different.

The Wind Deflectors

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Let’s take a look at some of the latest bicycle accessories that are currently hot in the Indian market. One accessory that is quite popular with newcomers to the sport is the wind deflectors. These are specially designed wind chucks which enable you to cut down on the force that is generated by the wind against your bicycle tires. With this type of accessory fitted to your bicycle tires, you can go anywhere without having to worry about how hard your tires are hit by the wind! These accessories come in a wide variety of price ranges.

The Saddle Bag

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Another hot item that is gaining ground in popularity is the saddle bag. Saddle bags enable you to transport your bike in a very convenient manner! You can easily stuff your bike into them and you will not have to deal with cumbersome conventional bike racks that take up so much space in your car or in your home. These bags also help in protecting your bike from harsh weather conditions. They come in a variety of designs and colors and are also made from a wide assortment of materials.


One of the latest bicycle accessories that is making waves in the Indian bicycle market is the helmet. It is a very good option as it protects your head from injuries in case you fall off your bike. But be careful while buying a helmet. Make sure that the helmet fits your head properly. Also check whether the straps of the helmet are strong enough to hold your head in the correct position.

A new trend that is also catching on successfully is the wind deflectors. These devices keep the dust and other small particles from entering your eyewear. It helps you maintain the style and the look of your bike and reduces eye irritation. The market is flooded with different designs and colors of wind deflectors. You can choose one that best suits your requirements.

The Bike Baskets

The latest bicycle accessories that are gaining popularity at a tremendous pace are the bike baskets. Bicycles without bike baskets were earlier thought to be unfashionable but the market has now changed and bike baskets have made a huge comeback! It helps the rider to reduce wind resistance and hence makes the ride smooth and comfortable. The bike basket comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and is especially designed to suit various kinds of bikes. Bicycles without bike baskets used to have large rear wheels and were prone to high speeds; bike baskets help you go faster and reduce the chances of accidents.

Bicycle helmets are the next in line in the list of latest bicycle accessories. If you are riding in the later part of the day then you need to wear it. It protects your head from injuries caused by unforeseen accidents. A cyclist accident can be life threatening and hence it is important to wear a helmet that protects your head in case of an accident. In addition to this, there are many other accessories like rain covers and sunglasses that can further protect you from the sun.

Final Thoughts

Other than bike accessories, you would also be surprised to know that some of the most essential accessories for your bike include sunglasses and gloves. You need to take proper care of your hands and you will never have problems if you use a pair of good quality gloves. Sunglasses protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. They come in different varieties and you need to choose one according to your requirements and skin color. So it is not necessary to invest a huge amount on buying the latest bicycle accessories, you just need to be careful about its purchase.

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