How To Buy Your Mountain Bike Tires

mountain bike tires

The decisions you make about mountain bike tires will impact your decision on the type of tire size, tread pattern, rim width, and other specifications. The most important decisions to make when shopping for a mountain bike’s tires are tire width, rim width, tire size, tire pressure, and more. Some of these important tire features are rim width, tire size, rim size, tire pressure, and more.

Made Up Of Rubber Compounds

Mountain bike tires can be made with various types of rubber compounds. Most tires on a mountain bike have at least some rubber compounds in them. Some have synthetic compounds, while others are made with natural rubber. When shopping for a mountain bike tire, you must consider what your goals are, which type of riding you do, the terrain, weather conditions, your budget, and more.

First, you need to determine what type of tire you want. If you are going to go off the road then you will want a wider tire pressure. If you are going on pavement or a trail where you plan on doing multiple turns and jumps then you will want to get a narrower tire pressure.

Decide The Type Of Tyre You Want

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Next you need to decide what type of tire you like best. For example, if you have ever ridden off road then you know that you want to ride a tire with a stiffer rubber compound and higher tire pressure. If you are riding on pavement and you just need to grip the pavement then you need a softer tire and a lower tire pressure. You may want to have a custom tire designed specifically for you. This will help to make sure that your tires are built for the kind of riding you are doing and that they are not built to the same tire on another bike that is used on the road.

Now that you have decided what type of tire you want, it is time to decide what rim width you want on your tires. Most mountain bike rims come in several widths to make it easier to get the tire to fit. So, depending on your personal style and where you ride, you may want to purchase a wider rim for more stability on hard packed terrain or a narrower rim for a firmer feel on smooth surfaces. Also, you will want to consider which tire has more tread. grip on the ground.

Another important feature to consider when choosing your tire is the tire size. Most tire manufactures offer different sizes for their tires. The tire size should match the tire’s size as closely as possible. If your tire is too small then you will lose traction and if it is too big, you may run into problems and not be able to control the bike properly.

Purchasing Rim And Tyre Combination

To help keep you on track, you may also want to purchase a tire and rim combination to get more coverage at the same time. A wide tire and a wider rim help to keep the bike from spinning out and a smaller tire and smaller rim will help you turn the bike more efficiently. If you are just riding on rough ground then you may want to purchase a tire with larger tread and tire pressure to prevent it from slipping and causing you problems. And of course, the more traction you have on the ground then you can get a smoother ride and less grip on the ground.


Finally, you will want to check to see if you can get a discounted price on tires. Sometimes a discount will give you a discount for purchasing them both online and offline. Or, if you are looking to get a discount on tires you can visit a store or even a tire shop with discounts on tires.

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