How To Ride A Fixie Gear Bike?

Fixie gear bike

A fixed gear bike is also called a ‘fixie’. It is oodles of fun to ride a fixie gear bike if you know how to do it the right way. In this kind of bike, the pedals move continuously when the bike is in motion. These bikes are also lighter and easier to repair than mountain bikes. If you have got yourself a fixie gear bike, then mentioned-below are some instructions on how to ride such a bike.

fixie gear bike instructions
Fixie Gear Bike Instructions

Fixie Gear Bike Riding Instructions

Starting from a Halted Position

You need to lift the back wheel off the ground to get your pedals in the proper position. This will t the bike from rolling when you are rolling the pedals. Ensure that one pedal is in the front so that you can propel yourself forward as soon as you step on it. Rotate the pedals with the back tire still lifted up and then put the pedals in the correct position.

You can also put your foot in the toe clips and begin pedaling. This position will give you a better control over the pedals in case you need to stop. Fixie bikes come with toe clips so that you can fit in your front foot into the clip. As you put your other foot on the other pedal, you push down to propel your bike forward. You can also buy toe clips separately if you do not have them already with your fixie. Remember that it is tough to make a lot of stops on a fixie gear bike unless you buy separate straps or clips or cleats. Do not ride a fixie that does not have footholds installed.

Another method of riding a fixie is to turn the pedals continuously. As soon as the pedals stop rotating, the wheels stop rotating too. Hence, you cannot leave your legs in a halted position while moving. To regain your balance you need to keep on pedaling.

Riding A Fixie Gear Bike
Riding a Fixie Gear Bike

Stopping with a Fixie Gear Bike

You can start applying the brakes a little before you plan to stop. This will make the bike gradually come to a halting position. When you stop abruptly, you may fall. It is best to apply pressure on the brakes a couple of yards before you want to stop. This step is even more important if you do not have a handbrake installed.

You can also stop pedaling to slow down and then gradually stop. Just stop putting forward pressure on the bike and this will gradually make the bike lose momentum. The pedals will still rotate but will not receive any forward push and will gradually slow down.

You can also use your front wheel handle brake. This is the easiest way to stop a fixie. You can get a front brake installed separately if you do not have one on your bike.

Staying Safe while Riding a Fixie

Remember to take wider corners when you are turning as your pedals are always in constant motion and turning a fixie can feel very different than turning a freewheel. Don’t make too tight turns as you may end up toppling over. It is best to slow down when you reach the corners and then take wider turns.

You need to wear a helmet and other safety gear while biking. The helmet will protect your head, while the other safety gear such as elbow and knee pads, etc will keep your limbs safely in case of a fall.

Always practice in an empty area before you start biking in a crowded area with a fixed gear bike. This will give you practice and experience.

These are some of the basic rules to riding a fixie gear bike

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