Downhill Mountain Biking Tips For Beginners

downhill mountain biking tips

Downhill mountain biking is adrenaline high. Further, outside the sports, it is termed as the easier discipline of mountain biking. Only because gravity does most of the work. However, it would help if you did not fool yourself on the pretext of the people who say it is easy. They have been practicing for years and have perfect their techniques. Therefore, if you are a beginner, this downhill mountain biking tips guide is perfect.

Gear Is Important

A bicycle leaning against a wall

When you are trying downhill biking for the first time, you must carry all the protective gear for your safety. It would help if you had a downhill bike with proper suspension, a full-face helmet, and body armor with you.

We know that it is a great investment. Therefore, don’t spend your money until you are sure that you will go biking every day. However, during the initial times, you can rent the items that you require for your practice.

But do ensure to have the following gear with you:

Full face helmet

Knee pads

Elbow pads

Full jersey with armor

Small hydration pack

Mountain bike specific shorts with padded lining

Eye protection

Full finger gloves

Focus On Body Position

A man riding a bicycle in front of a body of water

When you are doing downhill biking, you must position your body well. You must keep your back straight and keep yourself pushed back as much as possible. If you lean forward, there are chances that you will fall.

Further, you should balance your body weight and have control over your braking.

Have A Control On Your Brakes

With downhill biking, you will not use the brakes only for slowing down. But you’re also using them to take corners properly. Further, they prepare you for jumps and obstacles. Thus, braking becomes a technique to make you a better downhill rider. It might seem silly, but braking properly actually makes you get down the hill faster, and in one piece.

Trust Yourself

Further, while riding a bike, you must trust yourself. Further, know your limits, and don’t hesitate when you reach turns, obstacles, or jumps.

Set Your Suspension

Most mountain bikes available today have at least a front suspension fork and a shock absorber in the rear. These are wonderful features that make big obstacles nearly disappear as they move your bike above them. However, they only work if you have them set to their active positions.

Thus, take a moment to know how to lockout and open up your suspension so you don’t accidentally roll out onto a crazy technical trail with a fully rigid bike.

Carry The Essentials

There aren’t many grocery or departmental stores in the forest or desert. Also, mountain bike rides will often take considerably longer than you anticipate. Thus, always pack more food and water than you think you will require.


These are some things that you must keep on your mind while going for a downhill ride. Further, you must have confidence in yourself. Never doubt yourself and never have a thought that you will not be able to do this.

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