Cool Bicycle Accessories Gifts you can Buy for Kids

bicycle accessories gifts

Looking for fun and easy ways to customize your child next bike ride? Whether you’re looking for kids bike accessories to add to your child’s bike, or fun biking gear for your child to wear, we’ve got you covered!

Bike Bell

Bike bells are one of the simplest, but most effective ways to make a child’s bike more enjoyable. Not only do they look cool, but there’s just something about the ding ding ding that kids go nuts over!

While there are many bike bells out there on the market, we like the Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell and the Nutcase Bike Bells best. For more fun designs and colors for kids, check out our full list of favorite kids bike bells!

Bike Wheel Lights

Even if you’re not into night riding, wheel lights are cool during the day too! The LED lights by Activ Life fit wheels from 12″ to 29″, so everyone in the family can light up the trail. They have been a hit with all our kids ages 3 to 13!

Installation doesn’t require any tools. Silicone bands attach the battery pack to the wheel’s hub, and then you wrap the thin light wiring around the spokes of the wheel. Super easy! These lights are available in several different colors, but be aware that each set is for only one wheel, so you’ll need to buy two per bike!

Bike Basket

Bike baskets have come a long way since the Wicked Witch of the West took Toto for a ride. And they’re definitely not just for girls! Bike baskets and bags come in a variety of colors and fun designs ranging from feminine to masculine to gender netural.

Most bike baskets have open tops, making it easy to stash treasures along the way. We’ve also found a few with fold-over tops that are awesome for securing important items you need to bring along for the ride.

For more bike basket and bag ideas for boys and girls, checkout the list of our 7 favorite kids bike baskets!

Bike Spoke Covers

Whether your little rider is heartbroken that their bike isn’t their favorite color, or you simply want to add a pop of color to a hand-me-down bike, bike spoke covers are the perfect solution.

These simple plastic sleeves come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to customize your child’s bike on a budget. As hollow plastic tubes, these covers don’t require a lot effort to get on, but also easily come off!

When ordering the tubes, don’t worry about your bike’s wheel size. The tubes come long enough to fit most adult bikes and are designed to be cut to fit any size child’s bike.

Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Fire up your engine and get ready for action! The Turbospoke Bicycle Exhuast system is a fun and playful addition to any kids bike that will have your child begging to go riding.

The Turbospoke is the modern version of the old “playing card in the wheel” trick, but adds a plastic exhaust pipe that helps to amplify the sound. The sound is also more robust and better mimics a real car or motorcycle.

Attached with two zipties, the Turbospoke is very easy to install or remove. The sound “card” can also be removed for longer rides when the noise isn’t as appreciated.

These are some cool bike accessories to buy for your kids.

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