Choosing The Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

mountain bike accessories

The mountain biking industry is huge and growing each year. The selection of mountain bikes accessories is vast, and one can spend thousands of dollars outfitting themselves with gear. For a beginner, just choosing the correct bike that meets their riding style and budget can be confusing.

When it comes to the accessories, there are some items that are equally important to purchase, as is the bike itself. A beginner on a budget needs to add the cost of several essential items into the purchase price of the bike. There are accessories that are “nice to have” items, and then there are “have to have” items. Following is a summary of the items that every beginner should purchase before hitting the trails.

The Helmet 

A man riding a bicycle next to a body of water

This is the single most important accessory to purchase. Every mountain biker should never get on their bike without wearing one. Not wearing one can result in a very serious injury. Helmets are not very expensive, but when it comes to safety, they are priceless.

Eye Protection 

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Many beginners ignore this purchase at first. When they get ready to hit the trail for the first time is when the thought comes to mind to grab a pair of sunglasses. If the sunglasses are designed for sport and feature shatterproof lenses, they are fine. But what if they are not, or what if it is cloudy and overcast? A mountain biker needs to have as a minimum one pair of clear or near clear safety glasses designed for sport. These will cover all weather conditions, cloudy and sunny. They also protect the eyes from branches, bugs, and other objects. If the budget allows for a second pair, then go for a pair of sunglasses designed for sport as well.

Mountain Bike Gloves 

Without proper gloves, the result can be rather bloody, and further gripping of the handlebars will be painful. Gloves are important to protect your hands and should always be worn.


Regardless of how well your bike is maintained, it will encounter a breakdown on the trail at some point. Most likely, it will be a flat tire or broken chain. Multi-tools are available specifically for performing repairs on the trail. There are several ones, and not all are the same. In addition to the normal hex keys and drivers found on all of them, you should choose a tool that contains a chain break tool and tire levers. If not, then you should buy these separately. Also, you will need to have a tube repair kit and the necessary items to fix your chain. Ask your dealer for the link repair items needed based on the chain’s manufacturer. You are also going to need a frame-mounted mini-pump to refill flat tires.

Bottom Line

There are many other items that a new rider can be outfitted with, but these items should be considered essential. You will need to use each of these items someday; that is a guarantee, so don’t be there without them on the very first day.

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