Cannondale Mountain Bikes – A Guide To Buying A Cannondale Road Bike

Cannondale Mountain Bikes has consistently stood the test of time. They were among the first mountain bike companies to use high-end technology and incorporate it into their bikes. Today, they still strive to uphold the standards that their ancestors left behind.

Customizing The Bike Frames

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Cannondale is known for its innovation. They always try to be ahead of the trend and create new ones to suit the needs of the biking market. Cannondale Mountain Bikes was among the first to introduce the concept of customizing the bike frames. They have designed their frames so that they are perfectly designed to suit the various needs of the riders.

A Cannondale bicycle has a duality of a sport bike and a road bike. There are many who choose a Cannondale mountain bike because of its sporty look and feel. The frame of a sport bike is designed to give speed and strength. This is why a Cannondale road bike features a rigid aluminum frame. These bicycles have a high stiffness level which makes it stiff enough to give smoothness and balance. With a rigid frame, the weight of the bicycle is concentrated in the front wheel where it gives you maximum speed.

Full Suspension Bikes

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Cannondale also produces full suspension bikes that have shock absorbers on both the sides of the rear wheels. They use this setup to absorb the hard blows when the rider loses control of the bike. The front suspension system is designed to provide the necessary traction in all kinds of terrains.

The typical Cannondale bike features a single front suspension unit with a leaf spring, a shock absorber and a shank. The rear suspension units are made up of a combination of different materials depending on what type of terrain you will be riding on. There are those that feature a stiffer design while there are those that are lighter in weight for better performance on smoother surfaces. The most common materials used by the company are titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber.

The Most Popular Models From Cannondale

The most popular models from Cannondale include the Team Epic, the Hardtail Horseshoe and the Hardtail SLR. The Hardtail is characterized by its light weight frame and it has an extremely stiff fork. For better suspension, the company uses a hard wing shock absorber which has been enhanced by a water-filled master cylinder. The SLR series has been designed with a stiffer frame, which also features an increased top tube. It has full carbon fiber fork and it has been given a tapered top tube.

Final Words

Cannondale offers a full range of mountain bikes including the hard tail, the dual suspension road bike and the superb engineering road bike. However, the company has also created a number of hybrid bikes such as the dual suspension road bike which is made from a hard tail with a carbon fork and the SuperSix which are a replica of the Specialized Bad Boy mountain bikes. All of these bikes use the same Cannondale frame which has received great reviews from professional reviewers across the globe.

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