Bontrager Bicycle Accessories – For Your Bike

bontrager bicycle accessories

Bikes from Bontrager are known to be the most reliable bike on the market and as such, there are a lot of accessories available.

The bontrager bicycle accessories range covers the gamut from basic accessories to the more complex. Bontrager has integrated some of the most innovative technology into their products. Take a look at the Bontrager saddle bar adapter. This adapter allows you to utilize a standard seat post mount adapter on any bike without changing out the saddle. This adapter is designed to work with most bike models, but the MSRP seat post mount adapter is compatible with all models of the original Bontrager saddle bar.

Cycling Shoes

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Another popular bontrager accessory is the Bontrager line of cycling shoes. The cycling shoes by Bontrager are very comfortable and have excellent arch support. In addition, these shoes have been designed to offer optimum shock absorption while providing maximum maneuverability. Biking is a great exercise and recreation but sometimes accidents can happen. A good pair of cycling shoes can keep you from getting seriously hurt during these times.

For those cyclists who are looking for something a bit more advanced, the Bontrager line of mountain bike parts includes what are known as active downs. These active downs are designed to aid the active biker in staying upright when they are pedaling. The down is made out of molded plastic and is securely fitted into each of the aeolus xxx 2 tubular tires. These active downs are available in both road and downhill versions. Downhill versions are more efficient for the beginning mountain bikers and are recommended if you plan on climbing hills.

A Tubeless Pedal Assist Kit

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An interesting item that is also offered by Bontrager is a tubeless pedal assist kit. The tubeless pedal assist kit can be used on any model of a mountain bike tires. Most people cycle with tubeless bicycle tires because the cycling shoes offer good cushioning and the pedaling becomes more efficient. However, some people do not like having to take off their shoes to pedal. Bontrager has developed an adapter for this specialized type of people. By using the same technology as the MSRPs, the tubeless pedal assist kit offers the same comfort and fit as other tubeless products without the inconvenience of removing your shoes.

The Bontrager team has put together a cool product that they call the Pro Carbon Frame. This is a unique frame that is designed to match the factory overstock handlebars. This unique feature allows you to upgrade your handlebar to a 35 more or carbon fiber bar. If you are riding in the rainy climate and would like your bicycle to perform better during a ride, the factory overstock handlebars may not be strong enough to handle the road conditions.

Bontrager Tires

If you ride a bike that is not equipped with Bontrager tires, you may want to consider getting them. There is a wide selection of Bontrager tires that are available on the market today. You may be familiar with Bontrager tires but have never heard of the movie elite series.

The kovee elite series is an upgraded version of the popular kovee series which is built for higher performance and traction in all kinds of weather conditions. When you are looking for bicycle tires that are built for performance, you will want to look at this series of Bontrager tires.

Final Words

When you are ready to upgrade your handlebar, you may also want to consider the addition of a good pair of Bontrager bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets are designed to protect you in case of serious injury. If you have never been seriously injured in a cycling accident, it may be difficult to realize how important head protection can be. Head injuries are the leading cause of bicycle fatalities worldwide. By protecting your head, you are taking a proactive step toward preventing serious injury to yourself.

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