BMX Gear And Bike Helmets For Your Riding Style

mountain bike helmets

Mountain bike helmets are divided into two general categories. Full face and half-shell helmets. They also offer ease of installation and comfortable fit. A full face helmet is recommended for women who are at least 21 years of age and who have not suffered an injury or broken a bone in the previous year.

For those new to the sport of mountain biking, it is important to wear protective gear while riding off-road in order to prevent severe injuries such as skull fractures. Wearing Mountain bike helmets when riding trails or off road allows you to participate in the sport without the fear of an accident occurring. The following are the most important pieces of mountain bike helmets to keep in mind when riding off-road.

A full face mountain biking helmet is the most basic form found on the market. It provides extensive protection compared to other helmets. It has a thick, wide-brimmed shell that covers the entire head and neck. The helmet includes a chin strap that helps keep your chin up and prevents airbags from popping out during an impact. Some of these helmets have extra padding along the sides and under the nose to provide comfort. This is often the preferred type of helmet for competitive riders.

Feature A Mountain Biking Helmet

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Another important feature a mountain biking helmet must have is good ventilation. Ventilation is important in order to keep your head cool during an extended ride. Your helmet must fit properly, since your head is the biggest structure in your body and must have a secure fit in order to avoid being shaken or bumped while riding. Your helmet should also fit well so that air flow is good and you do not overheat during your ride.

Smith and Rebekah are two popular mountain biking brands. Smith is known for its solid construction and stylish looks. Their newer helmets, such as the Sanctuary BMX stunt bike are more tech-friendly and ventilated for better ventilation. Some models of the Sanctuary include a removable nasal pad for ventilating and cleaning.


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Bontrager is another mountain biking brand that makes great helmets. Most bikers prefer a Bontrager helmet since they are made of high quality materials and come in several different colors. Many BMX stunt bike riders prefer the yellow wavecell BMX stunt bike helmet since it looks great and has good ventilation. Some models come with carbon fiber fins to give a unique look and to increase speed.

A popular biking brand is Smith and Jones. Some BMX enthusiasts prefer Smith and Jones over some other brands of bike helmets because they offer interchangeable visors. Smith and Jones bike helmets also feature interchangeable cheek pads, which allow you to change your eye protection according to your riding style. There are several different face shields from Smith and Jones, including the Goggle, which have a small mouthpiece for breathing, adjustable straps, full face shield, and low profile. You can also choose from Smith and Jones’ ventilated and washable air system.

Final Verdict

Smith and Jones have an entire line of mountain biking accessories to choose from. They have interchangeable straps for many different types of helmets, such as low profile, full face, shell cradles, half shell cradles, and hard shell cradles. Smith and Jones offer both sealed and open face models with air ventilation and a choice of strap colors. Smith and Jones also have several options for an adjustable visor.

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