Coolest Bicycle Accessories For Kids In 2020

bicycle accessories for kids

Are you looking for some cool and quirky bicycle accessories for kids? Excite your children by prepping up their bikes this summer. Take them out of the garage and decorate them with fancy accessories to build the excitement. Summer holidays are the best time for kids to go biking. Here is a list of the best bicycle accessories for kids.

Best bicycle accessories for kids
Best Bicycle Accessories for Kids

Best Bicycle Accessories For Kids

SkyRocket Fuze Wheel Writer

These are some cool pictures that you can stick on the wheel. You can customize the look of your wheels with theses wheel writer stickers. You can choose from 12 built-in images including a real speedometer that actually works.

Bern Watts Summer EPS Helmet

This helmet for biking is an amazing styling helmet that boasts of its brand value. It has cool styling functions and looks. It comes with a lid that will save your life and while not compromising on the style factor.

Handlebars Light up Bike Handle Streamers

Want to have handles that glow in the dark? These light up handlebar streamers will definitely excite your child. Perfect for light parades, cyclotrons, camping, and festivals, these light streamers easily fit into the handlebar grips that have holes at the ends. These come with adapters so you can replace the endcaps without the holes. You also get two small barbs that prevent handlebars from falling out. You can also easily pull these out when you are not using these.

Cool bicycle accessories for kids
Cool Bicycle Accessories for Kids

Red and Blue Police Sound Bike Light

Kids love accessories with light and sound. This bike light is perfect for children of any age group. It is perfect for kids who love role-playing as heroes. All you need to do is to turn on the lights and the sounds to portray yourself as a hero. This light also easily attaches to any cycle and can be switched off and turned on.

Diamond Shape Rechargeable Rear Bicycle Light

This bicycle light is a high-quality LED with 3 modes such as quick flash, normal flash, and slow flash. It comes with a battery that easily lasts for upto 6 hours. It can be used continuously for as long as 6 hours on a full charge.

Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat

Have a little girl who refuses to part with her dolly? Get her this dolly accessory that makes it possible for your princess to carry her doll on her cool bike wherever she goes. Let her travel safely with her doll aboard with this safe and fun bicycle seat designed just for dolls or even a favorite stuffed toy. This seat is detachable and as your daughter grows up, you can remove it.

Schwinn Girl’s Pad Set with Knee Elbow and Gloves

A knee and elbow pad set is an essential requirement of biking. Get your little rider these safe gloves that will prevent their elbows and knees from getting scraped in case of a fall.

Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System

Want your little one’s bike turn into a motorbike? This Turbospoke is a uniquely designed bicycle exhaust system that comes with three Motocards. All you need to do is to just insert the cards into the Turbospoke to get the Vroooom sound! The cards are durable and water-proof. The device comes with an Exhaust pipe that also amplifies the sound and makes the bike growl.

These are some of the best bicycle accessories for kids.

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