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The road bike is a bicycle designed for travels on paved roads. A road bike has drop handlebars and only one gear. It usually has thin wheels to make it faster, but you can still do tricks with them after squeezing the brakes. Riding a road bike doesn’t give you as much freedom as riding a BMX or a mountain bike, so it’s best for those who have a short travel time.

Even though the road bike has drop handlebars, you shouldn’t think of it as a racing/sport bicycle because it’s more stable and comfortable than a racing/sport one. You can find more information on Wikipedia or Bicycling magazine, but don’t forget that not all road bikes are the same.


A person riding on the back of a motorcycle

The main difference between the road bike and others is that it has drop handlebars. This difference makes it possible to ride faster because you can apply more power to the pedals when your back isn’t arched as much as when riding a normal bicycle. That’s why the road bikes are made for speeds above 20km/h. It’s also why you shouldn’t expect to do the same tricks with a road bike as you would on a street or park BMX.

What are the things I need before buying a road bike?

A bicycle parked in front of a building

Bike helmet

It’s important to wear a helmet while riding, especially in new places where you’re not sure what can happen. You can easily find a good bicycle helmet on the Internet. It’s your head, so choose carefully.

Bike shorts

The bicycle inner wear called “bicycle short” is made of thin material, therefore it’s probably the most important thing to have when buying a road bike. The thin material absorbs sweat so there are no chafing points at all, which is great when you are riding for hours. You can take a look at bike short reviews if you want to learn more about the bicycle shorts before buying one.

Bike shoes

If you buy road bike pedals, make sure they are SPD compatible. They come with two cleats which are placed on your shoes and also provide several degrees of float. The great thing about the SPD pedals is that you can walk as well as ride, because they don’t damage shoes or floors.

What do I need to know before buying a road bike?

Road bikes come in different sizes and shapes . Some of them are suited for beginners and some for professionals. You should take into consideration your height, weight and experience when buying a road bike. You can also learn more about sizing from your local bicycle store.

Road bikes come in different prices as well . There are models for under $500, but you should be careful with this choice since cheap is usually costly. When choosing the best road bike for cheap, you might want to ask some questions about its quality, because a few hundred dollars can buy a great road bike if you know where to buy it.

The best way of finding the right road bike for yourself is going to some bicycle shops and taking a test ride . It’s important that the bike fits your legs as well as your height. Also keep in mind that if you plan on doing tricks, then you will need a bicycle with a more durable frame and better components.

It’s also important to know that before buying a road bike you should consider what you’re going to do with it. For example, if there are lots of stairs where you live, then your best choice would be mountain bikes or BMX.

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