A Review of Trek Bicycles

Trek bicycles are high quality mountain bikes that are produced in the United States and that are built on the Trek brand. This company was started by Trek Bicycle Corporation, an American company located in San Francisco, California. Trek Bicycle Corporation is now a division of Trek Health and Fitness. The company was founded by a group of highly motivated adventure athletes who were seeking a high-performance, well-built bicycle that was built with comfort in mind.

Trek Bicycle Corporation

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Trek Bicycle Corporation is a national bike and mountain product manufacturer and distributor under the umbrella of brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager and Diamant Bikes. The company has in the past manufactured bicycles under the Gary Fisher, LeMond Racing bicycles, Klein, and Villiger Bicycles brand names. However, the company is best known for their long-lasting and reliable bicycles that are aimed at the experienced rider. Since its founding in 1976, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers and distributors.

Trek first began as a small garage based bike manufacturing company in Madison, Wisconsin. The company’s roots can be traced back to the early ’60s when Wornlee began selling a stripped down version of what would become the Trek trademark ‘Bike’. From there, the company slowly began building and selling a variety of sports bikes. Wornlee later decided that he wanted to take the company in a new direction and that Trek was the right path to take. He added the trademark ‘Bike’ to the name to promote the company’s image as an all-around bicycling manufacturer.

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Today, Trek is a division of the huge bicycle company Giant. Giant has had a long history of making high-end sports bicycles. This division was started by Tom Demeter, who had previously worked at Kona as a marketing specialist. By adding Trek’s high-end bikes to Giant’s lineup, the two companies have enjoyed a successful joint venture.

Trek first started out making more basic, more casual bikes that are still popular today. Over the past 40 years however, Trek has branched out into producing high-end bicycles, with many models that are geared towards different biking disciplines. Many of the high-end bicycles that are produced by Trek are also geared towards using mountain bikes for transportation.

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Trek bicycles have a wide range of models that are both stylish and reasonably priced. They are built using some of the finest components available in the bicycle industry. Some of these include a stiffness system called the Semi-Fold, which helps to provide extra stiffness without increasing the weight of the bike. Also used is the ‘floating’ fork, which reduces the front tire’s contact with the fork. Both of these make for a bike that is lighter and is better able to deal with difficult conditions.

Final Words

No matter where you buy your Trek bike, whether from a local dealer or online, you’ll be happy with the bike. This is the best bike and the company has a history and a reputation to back up their products. You won’t get sticker shock when you buy a Trek bicycle. If you’re a fan of the mountain bike and want to be able to take them everywhere you go, this is the bike for you. When you buy a Trek bicycle, you are buying not only a high quality bike, but you are buying from a company that knows what it means to build quality bicycles.

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