5 Best Downhill Mountain Bikes For Racing

downhill mountain bike

Downhill mountain bikes are used for fast-paced segments of mountain biking that is conducted on steep courses or off-season ski slopes. These downhill mountain bikes are designed for steep, speed, big drops, jumps, terrain, and gnarly. You can take a little more effort to ride these downhill bikes uphill. Downhill mountain bikes are stronger and heavier than any other bikes, and it has 7-10 inches of rear suspension travel. Downhill mountain bikes are made of aluminum alloys and carbon fiber. There are many different types of downhill mountain bikes that you can choose according to your preferences and choice.

Different Type Of Downhill Mountain Bike

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Commencal Supreme DH

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The material used in making Commencal supreme DH bikes is aluminum. These are available in frame sizes S, M, L, XL, and in 27.5′ – 29 wheeled versions. This bike is used by many racers like Men’s world cup series, Women’s world championship, and Thibaut daprela junior competition and won titles for its hat.

Atherton Bikes DH Prototype

Atherton bikes DH prototype is made up of titanium and carbon material and available in an infinite frame with a wheel size of 29″. Atherton bikes are made by a family of racers (Rachel Atherton and Gee Atherton). It was a surprise when they announced about making their bikes in which they used such innovative and advanced technologies which blew everyone’s mind.

Canyon Sender

Canyon Sender is another downhill mountain bike that is made up of the material aluminum or carbon fiber and is available in frame sizes of S, M, L, XL. Only the brand YT among the direct sales of Canyon’s sender offers such unbelievable components like its two lower-end aluminum models, higher-end carbon making it more accessible.

Polygon Xquarone DH

This downhill mountain bike is made up of carbon and available in frame sizes S, M, L, XL with a wheel size of 27.8″. Its unique looking downhill bike has an incorporated boundary-pushing suspension design, and its pedals are extremely efficient. This bike won the 2019 Women’s World Cup Series.

Scott Gamble

This downhill mountain bike winner of 3x race, Women’s world cup, Red Bull Rampage, etc., and many more to come. It is available in frame sizes S, M, L, XL with a wheel size of 27.5″ or 29″. This bike is a bit expensive than the other, but if you are a bike, it is worth the price.


Downhill mountain bikes are generally used for bike racing or simply for riding in mountains or hilly areas if you are not a racer. These downhill mountain bikes are best known for their strong, light, stable, fast, and controllable features. Different bikes are made up of different materials and have their pros and cons. It depends on you for what purpose you need a mountain hill bike, and what are your expectations from it? If you need a bike for a ride down the hill, then you can go for any bike of your choice according to your budget, but if you want it for professional bike racing events, then you must consult experts. They will help you with a better one.

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