3 Helpful Tips for Biking in the Wind

tips for biking in the wind

Do you love to go on adventures on your bike/bicycle? Have you ever faced a strong wind while biking? If No, then you must be prepared to face the wind, it depends on you how you tackle it, whether you are biking alone or with your group. Facing the wind when cycling can be difficult at times, especially if the wind is against your directions, however, a wind blowing to your biking direction can make it much easier and enjoyable. Biking in the wind can potentially cut your speed in half which means you have to give twice the effort for going further. So here are 5 helpful tips for biking in the wind and make more out of it:

Dress accordingly

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Wear clothes that are suitable for biking in bad weather conditions, you must protect yourself first before facing the wind, or else you will have to stop and surrender. Wear a good wind vest that is also lightweight and waterproof, bulky garments can not resist the wind which makes you put more effort to go forth. A pair of biking gloves, a wind tricking helmet that keeps your ears safe and warm so that you can easily focus on traffic and other sounds.

Find another route

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The easiest way to tackle the wind is to find another route that has lower wind effects, such as rows of trees, that can protect you from crosswinds. Biking through woods during the winds can be much easier because the long trees reduce the speed of the wind. You can also find alternative roads that are narrow to bike through the wind. However, winds can change directions anytime, so one of the best helpful methods is to hunch over your handlebars to reduce wind resistance. Additionally, ride in a lower gear, it may slow you down but lessen the effort, so your legs will not be tired and you won’t lose energy easily.

Work with your friends

One of the most effective techniques is to ride in a group with your friends. Riding in a group helps resist the winds and shelter those who are behind, it creates less wind resistance for them. Keep changing positions by using the through-and-off technique because you cannot expect someone to cover you from wind all the way. Don’t ride in the wind with deep-section wheels even if they are fast, riding with a lower profile wheel can save you from being blown across the road.


So these were some biking tips in the wind that are proven to be helpful. Something to definitely consider before planning a ride is to check the weather forecast so you won’t face the wind unprepared or cancel the adventure for the day. However, if you are faced with the wind unprepared then these tips can help you make the good out of it. Carry a few warm clothes and a rain jacket just in case of an emergency because the wind can carry rain, storm, or snow.

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