3 Best Motorized Bicycle Accessories You Should Purchase In 2020

motorized bicycle accessories

A wide range of motorized bicycle accessories is available just after you enter any bicycle accessories shop. What’s a turbo trainer and CamelBak? Should you purchase these accessories? Such questions start coming in your mind after looking at these accessories. However, whatever stuff you see in the shop is not actually useful for everyone. Many people are comfortable with their standard bicycles and don’t feel the need for motorized bicycle accessories.

Only a few bicycle essentials are quite useful and suitable if you prefer riding over rough conditions. Some will make your ride easier and comfortable, and some can enhance the looks of your bicycle.

Below are some of the motorized bicycle accessories that you should purchase even if you ride on both flat and rough surfaces.

D-Shaped Locks

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If you are the one who goes for hiking and even on city streets, you need d-shaped locks. Most bicycles are equipped with standard locks, but they are not secure and versatile. Good d-shaped locks are never cheap. But, the premium ones will be long-lasting, and thieves will also think twice before breaking such locks.

Motorized bicycle accessories look good, but you cannot blindly trust them. D-shaped locks with hefty mechanism and armoring offer the best protection. While purchasing these locks, ensure buying flat keys instead of cylinder ones. It is recommended to get waterproof flat locks because they are durable and long-lasting.


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Fenders are a vital component if you prefer riding your bicycle near the mountains or even on flat streets. If you choose the premium bicycles, you’ll get fenders attached to the rims. Mudguards or fenders can make your bicycle look more racy and sophisticated.

If you prefer riding your bicycle on the sunny days, then you undoubtedly need fenders. Most mountain, entry-level, and city bicycles have enough mounts for installing mudguards. However, it’s better if you choose the motorized fenders instead of standard ones.

Crud Roadracers provide the best motorized mudguards at a budget-friendly cost. It is recommended to seek professional assistance while installing mudguards in your bicycle.

The Bicycle Compass

If Google Maps is not helping you, it’s time to get a smart bicycle compass and stay away from the web mapping applications. Beeline is a waterproof and sleek bicycle compass that is easily available in bicycle accessories shops. You can attach this smart compass to your handlebars and follow the commands given by your smartphone. This smart bicycle compass is also equipped with multiple arrows to maneuver you in the correct directions.

Therefore, if you are planning for an outdoor bicycle trip in the upcoming months, it’s better to have a smart bicycle compass. You can get this compass in any bicycle accessories shop, and it hardly costs $150.


Apart from buying motorized bicycle accessories, you should also buy a high-quality waterproof cover if you store your bike in an outdoor garage. Whether you ride your bicycle on flat streets or rough surfaces, you should must-have the accessories mentioned above. Don’t forget to put your helmet and other biking gear for safety.

Happy Riding!

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